6th Kyokushin-Kan Serbia Open 2017, Belgrade, Sep. 30

On 6th Kyokushin-Kan Serbian Open participated competitors from Iran, Belarus, Croatia and Serbia.

Croatian team represented 11 competitors of the Croatian Kyokushinkai Association, members of the club Mas. Oyama (I.B.K. branch) and clubs Domenica and Fortis (I.K.O. Matsushima branch).

From club Domenica (I.K.O. Matsushima Croatia) participated:

  • Bruno Stojanović (2nd in Kumite in younger junior +65kg category)
  • Mateo Raič (1st in Kumite older junior -65 kg and 4th in Kata junior)
  • Ivan Turčin (4th in adult +80kg category)

From club Fortis (I.K.O. Matsushima Croatia) participated:

  • Gabriela Suša (2nd in Kumite younger junior +50kg)
  • Dominik Stanić (1st in Kumite younger junior +65kg)
  • Tomislav Božić (1st in Kumite older junior -75kg and 3rd in Kata junior)
  • Luka Sekelj (1st place in Kata adults)

From club Mas. Oyama (I.B.K. Croatia) participated:

  • Matej Blažanović (2nd in Kumite older cadet +55kg)
  • Tin Pentek (1st in Kumite younger junior -65kg)
  • Marko Kovač (3rd in Kumite younger junior +65kg)
  • Josip Vrančić (2nd in Kumite older junior -75kg)

Photo: Croatian representatives after the tournament


Photo: the magnificent seven – competitors of the Croatian I.K.O. Matsushima branch (Bruno Stojanović, Dominik Stanić, Luka Sekelj, Ivan Turčin, Mateo Raič, Gabriela Suša and Tomislav Božić)


Photo: I.K.O. Matsushima team above the Danube bank


Photo: Dominik Stanić in action


Photo: after the tournament


More photos see on our FB page: Karate Kyokushinkai Croatia.