Domenica Cup is a traditional tournament organized by Kyokushin karate club Domenica Sveta Nedelja, which has been continuously held since 2004.

Just a few words about several more important tournaments are below:

  • 2004 the first edition of the tournament held in the overfull Sveta Nedelja School Sports Hall with 154 competitors from 7 domestic clubs. General sponsor was Sport Association of the city of Sveta Nedelja.
  • 2010 tournament become international with competitors from I.K.O. Matsushima Kyokushinkaikan branches of Hungary, Poland and Serbia. They came on invitation of the Croatian I.K.O. Matsushima branch established 2009. Because a bigger hall is needed, tournament moved to neighbor city Samobor. In Bogumil Toni Sport Hall participated 116 competitors from 12 clubs.
  • 2012 general sponsor of the 9th Domenica Cup became City of Sveta Nedelja and Mayor Mr. Drago Prahin. Tournament was held in new Sport Hall Samobor. On tournament participated 133 competitors for 15 clubs from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia.
  • 2013 the main sponsor became Prefect of the Zagreb County Mr. Stjepan Kožić. On 10th Domenica Cup participated 148 competitors from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia and Croatia.
  • 2014 on 11th Domenica Cup participated 270 competitors from 6 kyokushin organizations: IBK, IFK, KWF, Shinkyokushin, Kyokushin-Kan and IKO Matsushima, plus competitors form other karate styles. Competitors came from 12 countries: Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Denmark, Russia, Israel, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. From this tournament, Domenica Cup have Kata competition as well as Kumite competition.
  • 2016 tournament move back to Sveta Nedelja and held in new School Sport Hall. With that 13th Domenica Cup we celebrated 40 years of Kyokushin in Croatia bring by Sensei Branko Vašinko at 1976. In the beginning, Kyokushin started in Samobor and Sisak and latter in Zagreb, Dugo Selo and Žabno. On tournament participated 240 competitors from 41 clubs from 12 countries: France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Denmark, Ukraine, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.
  • on 14th Domenica Cup participated 280 competitors from 13 countries: Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Denmark, Netherlands, Ukraine, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. In Kata competition participated 78 competitors in 8 categories. In Kumite competition participated 220 competitors in 31 categories. With this tournament club Domenica celebrated his 15 anniversary. For the first time on tournament participated representatives from all 5 Kyokushin organization in Croatia: I.K.O., Shinkyokushin, I.K.O. Matsushima, Kyokushin-Kan and I.B.K.