Trainings are planned and implemented by educated trainers:

sensei Ivica Stanić, 3rd dan, Karate Trainer;
sensei Vladimir Sekelj, 4th dan, senior sports fitness coach, regular member of the Croatian Fitness Training Association and branch chief of the Croatian branch of the international IKO Matsushima Kyokushinkaikan organization.
sensei Tomo Fabekovec
senpai Marijana Dugač Sekelj

In the picture: sensei Vladimir Sekelj and Ivica Stanić in the company of shihan Jozsef Borza on camp in Hungary 2009 when they passed the exam for 2nd dan


In the picture: sensei Tomo Fabekovec, senpai Natko Skukan and sensei Vladimir Sekelj and Ivica Stanic in the company of shihan Roman Szyrajew and Claus Rex at the summer camp in Poland 2012 when sensei Fabekovec, Sekelj and Stanić passed the exam for the 3rd dan