IBK International Open – Budapest, Hungary, Oct. 29, 2022

Members of the KKC Domenica Sveta Nedelja, Laura Bućan, Julijana Golubić, Rea Jarnjević, Niko Stojanović, Mateo Ćosić and Bruno Stojanović participated on the IBK Open together with 455 competitors from Hungary, Netherlands, Romania and Slovakia.

Our best competitor on this tournament was Bruno who won 2nd place in kumite adults man +80 kg.

His younger brother Niko won 3rd place in kumite older cadets boys -65 kg and Mateo won also 3rd place in kumite of younger junior boys -70 kg.

For our girls Laura, Julijana and Rea, this tournament was their first tournament abroad and we are very proud on them for that.

Photo: Laura, Rea, Julijana, Bruno, Mateo and Niko in company of Senseis Tomo fabekovec and Vladimri Sekelj after the IBK International Open 2022

8_1_IBK Open 2022_1

Photo: tour of Budapest was especially impressive in the evening

8_2_IBK Open 2022_2

Photo: on the day after the tournament, training with Kancho Gerard Gordeau, the president of the IBK organization, was held in Dojo of Shihan Pal Nemeth, host of the IBK Open

8_3_IBK Open 2022_3

Photo: After all, there was enough time left to bath in the widely known Szechenyi Spa in Budapest

8_4_IBK Open 2022_4