8th Domenica Cup – Samobor, 8th of May, 2011

Kyokushin Karate Tournament ‘’Domenica 2011’’ was held in Samobor on 8th of May, 2011 in organization of Croatian Kyokushinkai Union and hosting by Kyokushin Karate Club ‘‘Domenica’’ Sveta Nedelja.

84 athletes from 8 Croatian clubs and team of Full Contact Kyokushinkai Association of Serbia – IKO Matsushima, competed in 17 categories.

On this tournament were those clubs:

  1. Kyokushin Karate Club ”Bregana DIV” Bregana
  2. Kyokushin Budokai Karate Club ”Budo Ryu” Zaprešić
  3. Karate Club ”Croatia” Sisak
  4. Kyokushin Karate Club ”Feniks” Rude
  5. Kyokushin Karate Club ”Fortis” Samobor
  6. Kyokushin Budokai Karate Club ”Mas Oyama” Strmec
  7. Kyokushin Budokai Karate Club ”Sutinska Vrela” Zagreb
  8. Full Contact Kyokushinkai Assosiation of Serbia – IKO Matsushima
  9. Kyokushin Karate Club ”Domenica” Sveta Nedelja

Photo: open ceremony; Sempai Ivica Stanić in front of KKC ‘’Domenica’’ gives acknowledgement for the cooperation and participation on the tournament to Sempai Vojkan Bižić, Branch chief of IKO Matsushima Serbia

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IKO Matsushima Kyokushinkaikan Croatia was represented with 27 competitors (19 from Kyokushin Karate Club ”Fortis” Samobor and 8 from Kyokushin Karate Club ”Domenica” Sveta Nedelja).

The most successful club on this tournament was the KKC ‘’Fortis’’. They won 5 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze medals plus four 4th places. KKC ‘’Domenica’’ won 1 gold, 3 silver and1 bronze medal plus one 4th place.

Kristina Suša from KKC ‘’Fortis’’ was declared as the best technician of the tournament in women’s category.

Photos: Kristina Suša with Mayor of the City of Sveta Nedelja Mr. Drago Prahin and in the fight v/s Karla Živoder from KKC ”Domenica”

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More attractive photos of our fighters are following:

Photos: Elena Ložnjak from KKC ”Fortis” (left) v/s Dora Štajcer from KKC ”Bregana DIV” (right) and Karla Živoder from KKC ”Domenica” (left) v/s Petra Gorišek from KKC (right)

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: Petra Gorišek from KKC ”Fortis” (left) v/s Mihaela Tomeković from KKK ”Bregana DIV (right) and Katarina Razum from KKC ”Fortis” (left) v/s Karla Martinić from KKC ”Bregana DIV” (right)

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: Dora Korade from KKC ”Fortis” (left) v/s Jelena Vrančić from KBKC ”Mas Oyama” (right) and Leo Bišćan (right) v/s Krsto Tomljanović (left) both from KKC ”Fortis”

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: Dominik Stanić from KKC ”Fortis” (left) v/s Mihael Jelkovac from KKC ”Domenica” (right) and Karlo Ćurćić from KKC ”Domenica” (left) v/s Dominik Dinon from KKC ”Feniks” (right)

 13  14

Ivan Turčin from KKC ”Domenica” (right) v/s Nikola Rašić from KKC ”Fortis” (left) and Luka Sekelj (left) v/s Lovro Mihelić (right) both from KKC ”Fortis”

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: Luka Sekelj (left) v/s Lovro Mihelić (right) both from KKC ”Fortis” and Vjekoslav Mezdić (left) v/s Filip Kuduz (right) from FCKAS

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The results of Kyokushin Karate Tournament ‘’Domenica 2011’’ are:

I. CHILDREN BOYS born 2003/2004
1. Damjan Starčević (Mas Oyama)
2. Filip Horvatić (Mas Oyama)
3. Mihovil Lovasić (Mas Oyama)
4. Dorjan Pondeljak (Mas Oyama)
II. CHILDREN BOYS born 2001/2002 -30 kg
1. Vid Sinti (Bregana DIV)
2. Franko Hegeduš (Budo Ryu)
3. Mihael Šoštarić (Bregana DIV)


III. CHILDREN BOYS born 2001/2002 – 40 kg
1. Juraj Štajcer (Bregana DIV)
2. Alen Božić (Croatia)
3. Leo Bišćan (Fortis)
4. Krsto Tomljanović (Fortis)


IV. CHILDREN BOYS born 2001/2002 +40 kg
1. Dominik Stanić (Fortis))
2. Mihael Jelkovac (Domenica)
3. Tian Pervanja (Domenica)
4. Damjan Kenfelja Mučnjak (Bregana DIV)


V. CHILDREN BOYS born 1999/2000 -40 kg
1. Fabijan Lindić (Feniks)
2. Josip Runtas (Feniks)
3. Dominik Dinon (Feniks)
4. Karlo Ćurćić (Domenica)


VI. CHILDREN BOYS born 1999/2000 -50 kg
1. Luka Rubinić (Fortis)
2. Patrik Veršić (Croatia)
3. Adam Lehpamer (Feniks)
4. Tomislav Božić (Fortis)


VII. CHILDREN BOYS born 1999/2000 +50 kg
1. Domagoj Ivančić (Mas Oyama)
2. Fran Mlinarić (Croatia)
3. Matija Holik (Bregana DIV)


VIII. YUNGSTER BOYS born 1997/1998 -50 kg
1. Marko Krizmanić (Croatia)
2. Matko Kajgana (Croatia)
3. Daniel Tanković (Feniks)
4. Jan Peranić (Budo Ryu)


IX. YUNGSTER BOYS born 1997/1998 +50 kg
1. Ivan Turčin (Domenica)
2. Lucijan Barač (Domenica)
3. Nikola Rašić (Fortis)
4. Fran Ložnjak (Fortis)


X. TEENAGER BOYS born 1995/1996
1. Goran Božić (Croatia)
2. Stefan Vedrina (Croatia)
4. Vedran Pondeljak (Mas Oyama)


XI. JUNIOR BOYS born 1993/1994
1. Lovro Mihelić (Fortis)
2. Luka Sekelj (Fortis)
3. Leon Paljušić (Bregana DIV)
4. Lobel Rap (Mas Oyama)


XII. ADULT MEN born 1990/1992
1. Filip Kuduz (FCKAS)
2. Vjekoslav Mezdić (Fortis)
3. Feđa Lučić (FCKAS)
4. Mirko Rašić (FCKAS)


XIII. ADULT MEN born 1989 >
1. Krunoslav Zlodi (Bregana DIV)
2. Zdravko Tivadar (Fortis)
3. Đorđe Savović (FCKAS)
4. Uroš Ivanović (FCKAS)


XIV. CHILDREN GIRLS born 2001/2002
1. Gabriela Suša (Fortis)
2. Eva Magdić Govedarica (Bregana DIV)
3. Leona Skorić (Bregana DIV)


XV. CHILDREN GIRLS born 1999/2000
1. Matea Grgin (Bregana DIV)
2. Elena Ložnjak (Fortis)
3. Dora Štajcer (Bregana DIV)


XVI. YUNGSTER GIRLS born 1997/1998
1. Kristina Suša (Fortis)
2. Karla Živoder (Domenica)
3. Petra Gorišek (Fortis)
4. Katarina Razum (Fortis)


XVII. TEENAGER GIRLS born 1995/1996
1. Simona Hofer (Feniks)
2. Dora Korade (Fortis)
3. Jelena Vrančić (Mas Oyama)

Photo: a few clubs members of KKC ”Fortis” Samobor and KKC ”Domenica” Sveta Nedelja with Sempai Ivica Stanić after the tournament (first line: Petra Gorišek, Gabriela Suša, Kristina Suša, Elena Ložnjak, Karla Živoder, Dora Korade, Dominik Stanić and Tomislav Božić; second line: Sempai Ivica Stanić, Fran Ložnjak, Zdravko Tivadar, Vjekoslav Mezdić, Lovro Mihelić, Luka Sekelj, Ivan Turčin and Lucijan Barać)


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