19th Nagykun Cup – Karcag, Hungary, Sep. 28, 2019  


The 19th Nagykun Cup was held on 28th of September, 2019 in organization of the Hungarian IKO Matsushima branch.

Croatian Kyokushinkai Association and Croatian IKO Matsushima branch were   represented by Alen Ćosić, Mateo Ćosić and Bruno Stojanović from Kyokushin Karate Club ”Domenica” Sveta Nedelja with Dominik Stanić from Kyokushin Karate Club ‘’Fortis’’ Samobor. 

Results of our competitors were:

  • Mateo Ćosić – 2nd place in Kumite cadet’s -65 kg category
  • Alen Ćosić – 3rd place in Kumite cadet’s -65 kg category
  • Bruno Stojanović – 1st place in Kata junior’s category
  • Dominik Stanić – participated in Kata junior’s category

Photo: Bruno, Mateo, Alen and Dominik after the 19th Nagykun Cup