The 25th Branko Bošnjak Memorial – Samobor, Croatia, Oct. 10, 2023

The tournament was held with the aim of paying tribute to Branko Bošnjak, a fallen member of Special Police Unit Alfa in the Croatian War of Independence.

It brings together veterans of the special police, their families and friends, to reconnect, share memories, and support each other in order to collectively remember the bravery and sacrifice that Branko and his fellow comrades made in defense of the sovereignty of the Republic of Croatia.

Organizers of the tournament were the Association of Veterans of Special Police Unit Alfa Zagreb, Karate Club Alfa Zagreb, Kyokushin Karate Club Fortis Samobor and Kyokushin Karate Club Domenica Sveta Nedelja.

On tournament participated 73 competitors in kata competition and 79 competitors in Kumite competition from 15 clubs from Italy, Hungary, North Macedonia, Slovenia and Croatia.

We thank to all for support and important contribution to preserving the memory of our brave defenders.

Our clubs Domenica and Fortis participated with 43 competitors. Results of the tournament you may find on

More photos you may find on our FB page Karate Kyokushinkai Croatia as well as on FB page

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