Open World Cup – Szolnok, Hungary, July 1, 2023

Open World Cup, also the 38th Szolnok Cup and the 2nd Shihan Furko Kalman Memorial was attend with 460 participants from 20 countries of Africa, India and Europe.

Croatian kyokushinkai Association and IKO Matsushima Croatian branch represented competitors from the Kyokushin Karate Club Domenica Sveta Nedelja:

  • Niko Stojanović – participated in kata younger junior boys and kumite younger junior boys -65 kg
  • Alen Ćosić – won 2nd place in kumite junior boys -75 kg and 3rd place in kata older junior boys
  • Nika Šemeš – won 3rd place in kata adult woman

We would especially point out Alan’s 2nd place in kumite that he reached after three wins and one loss.

Photo: Alen, Nika and Niko in company with Senseis Vladimir Sekelj and Tomo Fabekovec after the World Cup in Szolnok on July 1, 2023

9_1_Svjetski kup Mađarska 2023