2nd Kempo Arnis Open Slovenia – Novo Mesto, Feb. 1, 2020

In organization of the Kempo Arnis Federation of Slovenia, on February 1, 2020 the 2nd Kempo Arnis Open Slovenia was held in Novo Mesto.

On tournament participated 75 competitors from Slovenia in kata competition by the rules of KAF Slovenia and 153 competitors from Slovenia and Croatia in kumite competition that was made in cooperation with Croatian Kyokushinkai Association.

Croatian clubs on tournament were KKC Feniks Rude, KKC Fortis Samobor, KC Mas. Oyama Strmec, KKC Domenica Sveta Nedelja with total number of 30 competitors in kumite.

Club Fortis participated with 4 competitors and their result were next:

  1. Noa Paska – 2nd in older kids boys +45kg
  2. Dominik Stanić – 1st in older junior boys +75kg
  3. Tihana Jagodić – 3rd in adults women ‘’C’’ category +65kg
  4. Lovro Mihelić – 1st in adults man ‘’C’’ category +80kg


Club Domenica participated with 14 competitors and their result were next:

  1. Lukas Jurak – participated in younger kids boys -35kg, but without placement
  2. Luka Kucan – 4th in older kids boys -45kg
  3. Laura Bućan – 4th in older kids girls -40kg
  4. Rea Jarnjević – participated in younger cadet girls -55kg, but without placement
  5. Kala Jurak – 4th in younger cadet girls +55kg
  6. Niko Stojanović – 1st in younger cadet boys +50kg
  7. Matija Jelić – 4th in younger cadet boys +50kg
  8. Viktoria Klemenčić – 2nd in older cadet girls -55kg
  9. Sara Vidak – 3rd in older cadet girls -55kg
  10. Alen Ćosić – 1st in older cadet boys -60kg
  11. Mateo Ćosić – 1st in older cadet boys +60kg
  12. Nika Šemeš – 1st in younger junior girls +60kg
  13. Paula Kunović – 4th in younger junior girls +60kg
  14. Bruno Stojanović – 2nd in adults man ‘’C’’ category +80kg

Photo: Bruno Stojanović from club Domenica (left) 2nd in the heaviest category of the tournament in his first appearance as an adult’s competitor



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